Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Cornerstone 2007

Next week I venture to my first Cornerstone. It really has never appealed much to me before. But this year, I figure why not. Hanging out with a bunch of smelly friends for a week sounds great. I went to Cornerstone FL two years ago, but it's just a small festival, and we stayed in a hotel. This year, nothing extremely excites me musically though. I want to see Klank, who never plays shows. I bought his first album back in 1997, so it's very nostalgic. Crimson Thorn is also playing. They had a song on a compilation called Massive Frequency Overload I mailordered in the late 90's. Rosie Thomas and Over the Rhine will be nice. I'm sure I'll check out Page France as well. Plus, tons of friends' bands are playing, like Upstairs Divine, Dignan, As Cities Burn, The Burning Issue, Sean Michel is playing a couple of times, Bradley Hathaway, Deas Vail, Dear Future, Jonezetta, Questions in Dialect, and probably some more. I hope to meet a lot of new friends, but I'll probably just camp out by the Starflyer 59 booth and try to think of something to say to Jason Martin. Mostly I figure I'll watch a lot of the quieter acts like Michael Pritzl and such, and I probably won't ever venture to the main stage except maybe to see Norma Jean. The late night Mewithoutyou show will be fun too.

Either that or I'll just hang out in the goth tent the entire time and let them put makeup on me.

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